Rent A Chef – Chinese Seafood Feast

“Yiu Kee Private Kitchen” vows to break the boring situation of traditional Hong Kong-style seafood. With seafood as the core, with the chef’s own style and superb cooking skills, it creates the signature rock-boiled abalone, Ayao curry and old-fashioned oil-soaked dragon boats are well received by diners.


  • Exquisite first set

Sea urchin garnished with miso and eggplant grill

  • Main course seafood

Fresh and tender abalone cooked in Kaiseki Fengji

Ayao’s private house curry top grade big clams with evil golden brick

Fresh lemon vanilla roasted sea treasure

Grilled and roasted wild tiger prawns with pesto

  • main course meat

Qigong lotus fragrant mud sealed Qiyi chicken

Iberico pork ribs roasted with honey from Aomori fruit

  • rice

Italian truffle fried rice with crabmeat

  • Seasonal vegetables

Enough ginger and crisp green magnolia

  • Two drinks per person (Grapefruit tea/soda)

  • Water filter dispensers and hot water boilers are installed in the venue


  • $750 per person for dinner (minimum spending is 8 persons)

  • Limited time promotion (from May to September 2021, the rental fee for the kitchenette is $100 from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm)

  • Free of charge plus one, guests can bring their own drinks

  • Free corkage fee and cake cutting fee

Growing up on a boat in Po Toi O fishing village , Chef Yiu Kee has been chef for 20 years. His signature Chicken baked in Clay is a classic dish from Qing Dynasty. With his mixed race of Thai and Chinese, Chef Yiu Kee is skillful in cooking seafood in a creative Asian style.

Chinese Seafood Menu


– Sea Urchin with Grilled Egg Plants and Miso


– Fresh Abalone in Japanese Infused Style

– Chef’s Special Curry Clams and Garlic Bread

– Baked Seasonal Fish from local market with Fresh Lemon and Herbs

– Baked Pawn with Garlic


– Ancient Beggar Chicken baked in Clay

– Pork Ribs with Apple and Honey Sauce


– Fried Rice with Crab meat and Truffle


– Zucchini in Ginger Sauce


-2 glasses of special drinks (fruit tea / soft drinks)

-water filter and kettle in venue

*$750 per person*

  • Service charge is included, minimum 8 people. Guest may bring extra drinks and alcohol beverages, no corkage fee.

  • Promotion (May – Sep 2021 : Venue Rental fee for our Small Kitchen at $100 from 6.30pm-11.30pm)

Western/ Japanese/ Asian Menu

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