Fight! Master Chef Contest!

Decisive battle! Live-action beautiful kitchen

We prepare a series of fresh ingredients, and the winning team members can choose food first; the loser needs to choose the remaining choices. Use creativity to cook designated Italian dishes. Can the team members complete the task without reference to the recipe? A variety of fresh ingredients will be arranged. The winners could pick the best ingredients while losing side will get what is left, they are required to cook a designated authentic Italian meal without any recipes . Can they complete the mission?

This workshop is designed for groups of 10 or more people. It is suitable for company and private gatherings. Guests will be randomly formed The team prepares delicious dishes based on the ingredients provided by the chef!


① Approx. 2.5 hours class, ingredients included

② Extra 2 hours venue rental, enjoy the meal

③ After party cleaning service

[Workshop content]

- Introductions

- Warm up, winning quiz to prioritize ingredients selection

- discussions with our tutor, tips sharing

- Cooking competition starts

-Enjoy the meal and vote for the winning team!

Price includes venue rental and after party cleaning services. Drinking water is provided, you may drink your own drinks and alcoholic beverages without corkage fee.

*Please specify in advance that you do not eat or sensitive ingredients

In fact, it’s cooked well, so if you are interested, you can check it out:

No worries, our Chef Oliver will be standing by providing guidance and tips.

Price from $500-$600 depends on ingredients, number of guest and date. For quotation, please WhatsApp +852 6464 2910 or email to