Good place for dating] 4 hourly kitchen proposals for couple cooking! Help you bid farewell to the title of “Hell of Cook God”!

Many girls are unwilling to be called by their boyfriends to be the god of hell cooking. They really want to be a woman who can enter the kitchen and go out of the hall, but there is no small world to cook and vindicate themselves! Fortunately, there are many cooking studios in Hong Kong that provide hourly rental kitchens. The space is comfortable and all kitchen utensils and tableware are available. It is suitable for couples to “stand on the table” and is a good place for an alternative dating!

1. Industrial style “small kitchen”-RENT-A-KITCHEN

The decoration of RENT-A-KITCHEN follows a fashionable industrial style, with all seasonings and different types of kitchen utensils. I believe it is enough to handle general recipes. Open Kitchen is suitable for couples to start their meal immediately after cooking.

RENT-A-KITCHEN not only has a “small kitchen” suitable for small gatherings, it also has a “large kitchen” that can accommodate 24 people, which is convenient for large parties.

RENT-A-KITCHEN will also host Cooking Classes and a market group led by a chef. Even the “Hell Chef God” can do “zero miss” cooking!