Cooking event and mini wine workshop with our sommelier and massage time!


  1. Welcome wine

  2. Team members divide in group and assigned to 3 cooking stations, each station will search for the ingredients that is prepared on a food corner and each team will follow recipes to cook one course for everybody.

  3. Guests sit down, chef will do plating and serve the meal.

  4. Sommelier shares food and wine pairing knowledge with guests.

  5. Mini massage session and cupcake making session.

        *photographer and backdrop vender can be arranged

Junior Chef Cooking Event

A three-day cooking workshop for 8 to 14-year-old junior chef. They will be inspired during the process of food preparation and learn to appreciate the fun and hard work behind each meal. The learning include how to use kitchen equipment in a correct and safe way, preparation of food such as peeling , dicing, searing, baking, steps of cooking each dish.

Day 1: Cottage pie

Day 2: Beef Wellington

Day 3: Mac & Cheese

2 hours per session

Business Training Program

Our trainer Kit Ho from N’SayN has been working with multinational companies in the past decade to organize training program. There will be theory classes, as well, team members will be inspired through interesting events that will bring their hearts and souls together for future’s challenge.

About the programs and our trainer Kit Ho :

Everything is divided into 1. Not prepared 2. Prepared 3. Completely prepared. Training courses are to make your team fully prepared and create more business possibilities.

In addition to theory lessons, the course will also carry out interesting activities in a relaxing venue and environment. The team members carry out activities in a relaxed mood, which can increase the team’s bond.

Traditionally in China, a family gathers together and sharing food on stage is an important part of building a relationship. Through the meal gathering and the training content prepared by the instructor, the team members have a better psychological state and tacit understanding to meet the goals of the work. It’s like adding generators to the team, working together towards the company’s development direction and creating better performance.

More about training courses and instructors Kit Ho: