Homemade Rainbow Pici Pasta

Homemade pici pasta with your bare hand, no machine is needed!

Stefanel , Our Chef Stefanel has been living and working in private kitchens in Italy for years, she is sharing her tips to make hand-made pici, the authentic Italian pasta.

Pici You are going to make hand-made pici, the Italian pasta in broccoli, salami and tuna fish sauce

Colorful pasta options: ①spinach ②beet roots ③squid ink made to colorful pici and orecchiette


① cooking class (approx. 2.5 hours)

② addition 2 hours RENT-A-KITCHEN rental

③ after party cleaning service

Guest may stay in RENT-A-KITCHEN to enjoy some party times and taste their own cooking after the class !

$500-600 per person, minimum 6 people , venue and class are for private hire


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Handmade Cartoon Bun

Cute ~ handmade steamed bun class

The Bun Age instructor will publicize the Q-bomb material formula of the handmade steamed buns in class, and the students will experience the steamed buns by themselves The whole process of birth

1. Knead the dough

2. For steamed buns

*Use a variety of natural ingredients to color the dough (no artificial colors added!)

3. Three-dimensional modeling skills, mastering the proportions of the facial features

4. Explain the tricks of hand-molded steamed buns with smooth surface

Remarks: Suitable for beginners with zero experience

【Private Private Hall】

Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 12-4 pm, 6 adults can hold the class!

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 12-4 pm, 8 adults can hold the hall!


1 adult $500

1 adult + 1 child $600 (1 copy)

1 adult + 2 children $700 (2 materials)

2 adults + 1 child $750 (1 copy)

2 adults + 2 children $1200 (2 materials)

* 3~4 years old and above are recommended to participate

Finished product: You can choose 2 styles, and carry 4 finished products: Suitable for steamed bun beginners

[Choose your own style]

❤Tsum Tsum series❤

1. Donald Duck

2. Daisy

3. Alien

4. Big Eyes Mike

5. Tigger Tigger

6. Winnie the Pooh

7. Piglet

8. Pluto Pluto

9. Gao Fei Goofy

10. Steel teeth Chip

11. Dale

12. Dumbo Dumbo

💖Princess Series💖

1. Snow White

2. Ariel

3. Beauty and the Beast Belle

4. Frozen Elsa

5. Aladdin Jasmine

6. Cinderella

💓Little Fish Fairy Series💓

1. Ariel

2.  Flounder

3. King Triton

4. Ursula

💙Stitch Collection💙


2. Forrest Scrump

3. Nilu Lilo

4. Angel Angel

💛Sario series💛

1.Hello Kitty


3. Cinnamoroll

4. Pom Pom Purin

5. Big mouth boy / Big mouth girl Minna no Tabo

❤Anpanman Series❤

1. Anpanman Anpanman

2. Bacteria kid

Enquiries / Bookings : Tel +852 6464 2910 or Email rent.a.kitchenHKG@gmail.com or FACEBOOK