Our kitchen venues are designed to be a small upscale venue equipped with a home-style kitchen for private rental at an affordable price.

Guests may cook a scrumptious meal for friends and their loved ones in RENT-A-KITCHEN. Cleaning services are included. Guests can just cook, eat and enjoy their time without having to worry about the aftermath of cleaning up and dishes. We boast three kitchens in Kwun Tong, the Small Kitchen for small gathering of 2-12, the Big Kitchen for 12-24 people and the Truffle Kitchen for 30-40 people.

Small Kitchen for 2-12 people

The Small Kitchen is decorated in loft style framed in grey, wood and metal as its main theme to create an industrial atmosphere. It fit 2 people perfectly for a romantic cooking night or a small group up to 12 people. For bigger group more than 12 people, you may consider our Big Kitchen.

An open kitchen is highlighted by a large dark silver mirror reflecting the dining area, bringing extra light and a feeling of openness.

Equipment and Seasonings

Basic seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, herbs and spices. Whirlpool microwave oven, Whirlpool 73lt full size oven, one set of 3 induction cooking stoves, 1 portable induction cooking stoves, refrigerator, basic tableware, silverware and wine glasses for 12, blender, rice cooker, cooking pots and pans, basic baking equipment such as electric egg beater, measuring cup, scale, a few baking tin.

Dining tables, chairs, DVD player, music equipment, private washroom, xbox360, free wifi, majong and majong table.

Charged parking till 11pm

Enquiries / Bookings : Tel +852 6464 2910 or Email rent.a.kitchenHKG@gmail.com or FACEBOOK