Open kitchen or closed kitchen? After reading this, you won’t be entangled!

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of enclosed kitchens?
What is a closed kitchen?
The enclosed kitchen is to separate the kitchen and the living room with partitions, so that the kitchen becomes a separate space, relatively speaking, it can isolate the kitchen fumes and so on.

Advantages of enclosed kitchen
1. Isolate oily fume stains
The big advantage is to isolate the oily fume and vegetable smell during cooking, so that the oily fume and other stains will not spread to the living room and cause trouble for the subsequent cleaning.

2. Different styles
Because the closed kitchen is separated by a door, it is easier to match the overall style; the kitchen can also be different from the style of the living room and dining room to create another style.

3. Cleanliness
The kitchen is nothing more than all kinds of kitchen utensils, tableware, seasonings and various sundries, etc. It is difficult to guarantee that these things can be cleaned up every time after cooking. If it is an open kitchen, then every time you It must be tidy, or it will make the whole house seem very messy, and the closed kitchen only needs to close the door. The so-called blindness is clean.

Disadvantages of enclosed kitchens
1. Relatively sultry
An enclosed kitchen is a closed space that is relatively stuffy, unless an air conditioner is installed in the kitchen separately.

2. The sense of space becomes smaller
The enclosed kitchen completely separates the space, hinders the extension of the space, and relatively speaking, the overall sense of space becomes smaller.

3. Too small and crowded
If the kitchen space is small, the kitchen for multiple people will be very crowded, and cooking by one person may be boring.